Intellectual Property Rights

To many corporate clients, intellectual property rights are extremely valuable, but not always given adequate attention. BACH Law is very dedicated to this area and offers advisory services on both copyright, trademarks, design, utility models and patents; and also, we always give the related marketing rights and domain name issues our undivided attention.

BACH offers advice to rights holders on strategies for relevant protection in cases requiring registration and on measures to take when infringements are detected. Similarly, we can take action and offer damage control, for example in cases where our clients are accused of infringement. As a result, we have many years’ experience in dispute resolution, both from legal proceedings and administrative proceedings for the public authorities.

In addition, for many years, BACH has assisted in drawing up various license agreements and IP transfer agreements. Similarly, we are acutely aware of the need for non-disclosure agreements as an important tool for our clients when funding the production of products protected by intellectual property rights.

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