M&A & Corporate Law

At BACH Law, we make a point of familiarising ourselves with our clients’ businesses and the rationale for the relevant transaction. We offer advisory services to Danish and international clients on all aspects of the acquisition and divestment of companies, including transaction structure, due diligence, and negotiation of agreements as well as advice on post-completion … Read More

Venture Capital & Start-ups

BACH Law has great insight into and experience with venture and seed investments, including both direct investments and convertible debt as well as hybrids of these. Common to these investments is that they are often associated with high risk and considerable growth potential and they are typically made under special conditions. We understand the market … Read More

Disputes, Litigation, Mediation & Crisis Management

BACH Law employs experienced litigation specialists who understand that clients often find legal proceedings lengthy and at times unpleasant. We can offer the support and confidence that every client needs during legal proceedings, thus minimising any inconvenience for the client as much as possible. We have seen – if not all – a great number … Read More