ROS Therapeutics ApS

ROS Therapeutics Specialised and sincere counselling has ensured capital and created security for new Danish biotech company ROS Therapeutics is a newly founded Danish biotech company seeking to revolutionise treatment for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis through an improved methotrexate agent called Targeted-MTX; a pharmaceutical without the unfortunate side effects often caused by methotrexate in … Read More

Radiobotics ApS

Radiobotics ApS Extensive experience in aiding start-ups and raising capital Radiobotics is a Health-Tech start-up and a relatively new player in the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s entrepreneurial family. Through machine learning algorithms, Radiobotics seek to help medical professionals read scans in routine cases of x-rays of joins and bones. Approximately 1.4 million x-rays of bones … Read More

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA Deep insights of the markets in their assistance With its millions of passengers to and from Denmark, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has been an important player in the Danish air traffic industry, surpassed only by SAS. Since 2015, the special recovery agencies, who according to the EU regulation assist passengers with … Read More

Komplex IT

Komplex IT Knowledge of the company and qualified counselling makes everyday life easier for IT reseller At Komplex IT, IT specialists are ready to deliver, run and design IT-systems for businesses. Among other things, they provide easier and simpler server solutions and ensure that the company’s data are better protected against outside attacks. For 11 … Read More

The Instruction Committee

The Instruction Committee By recommendation from the Danish Bar and Law Society Council, attorney and partner at BACH Law, Torkil Høg, has been appointed as one of the attorney members of the Commission of Inquiry in the case of the instruction of separation during accommodation in the asylum system (“The Instruction Committee”). The Committee has … Read More

BIOS Ambulancezorg B.V.

BIOS Ambulancezorg B.V. Loyal advisor for several years. Dutch company BIOS established themselves in Denmark around 2014, when the company took on the competitor Falck with regards to the market of ambulance services in Denmark. In 2016, the Danish subsidiary BIOS Ambulance Services Denmark A/S, filed for bankruptcy, which triggered a case against Falck with … Read More

Hedia ApS

Hedia ApS Competent and comprehensive legal assistance Hedia ApS is a Digital Health start-up and developer of a Danish produced, CE-approved app, which assists people with diabetes with calculating carbohydrates in their meals, provide recommendations for insulin dosages, track blood sugar and many more functions. Hedia has and continues to aid thousands of users achieve … Read More


Neurescue Professional and a broad experience is important for medical startup company Cardiac arrest is the primary cause of deaths in the world, and with the current treatment, only one out of ten survive. Therefore, medical doctor Habib Frost has decided to develop a computer-controlled balloon catheter called Neurescue that can guide the blood to … Read More

Ascom Denmark

Ascom Denmark Competent and professional consulting that secures big IT contracts. Ascom Denmark develops communications equipment for the hospital-, psychiatry-, care- and prison sectors. Examples of this equipment include wireless alarms, allowing the person in need to can get help, even when they are not capable of asking for it. Ascom Denmark has 44 employees … Read More

Chrysalis Schools

Chrysalis Schools Fast and competent consulting makes everyday life easier for treatment options for children and young people with psychiatric diagnoses. At Chrysalis Schools, the aim is to give children and young people as “normal” a life as possible despite their challenges. Chrysalis Schools consist of several treatment and education offers in Copenhagen aimed at … Read More