Thorbjørn Hævdholm

Employees Back to employees Thorbjørn Hævdholm Attorney, Partner +45 26 74 78 13 Thorbjørn Hævdholm Commercial Tenancy Law Company Law Dispute Resolution Insolvency Law Limited Partnerships Litigation and Arbitration Negotiation and Drafting of Contracts Real Estate Transactions My focus is not on legal areas but on the relationship with my client and helping them … Read More

Peter Stakemann

Employees Back to employees Peter Stakemann Attorney and Partner +45 40 32 30 43 Peter Stakemann Company Law Succession Planning Mediation & Conflict Resolution Negotiation As a 6th generation attorney, I grew up with law at home and knew from an early age, that I would be walking down the same path. I greatly … Read More

Morten Stausholm

Employees Back to employees Morten Stausholm Attorney (L) and Partner +45 53 55 35 57 Morten Stausholm Real Estate Transactions Real Estate Project Development Construction Law Real Estate Tax Owners’ Associations & Homeowners’ Associations Commercial Tenancy Law & Tenancy Law Dispute Resolution Litigation and Arbitration Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law General legal assistance on Corporate … Read More

Torkil Høg

Employees Back to employees Torkil Høg Attorney and Partner, Ph.d. +45 20 20 10 98 LinkedIn Torkil Høg Procurement Law Competition Law Life Sciences Legal matters relating to the Travel Industry Complex Contracts Dispute Resolution My friends believe I’m crazy about biking and it’s true – I love it. My enthusiasm for biking is … Read More

Anette Lonsdale

Employees Back to employees Anette Lonsdale Attorney and Partner, LL.M., MBA +45 30 14 14 71 Anette Lonsdale Transactions – Real Estate Shareholder Agreements Joint Ventures Financial Agreements Real Estate Project Development Public-Private Partnerships Commercial Leases Construction Contracts Corporate Law Banking, Finance & Stock Exchange I became an attorney because I am passionate about … Read More

Claes Illum Christensen

Employees Back to employees Claes Christensen Attorney (L) and Partner +45 20 13 77 11 Claes Illum Christensen IT & Intellectual Property Law Employment Law Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Artists’ Rights – Film and Music I have held the black belt in karate since I was 17 but haven’t needed to rely on it … Read More

Niels Christian Døcker

Employees Back to employees Niels Christian Døcker Advokat (L), partner +45 27 10 04 02 LinkedIn Niels Christian Døcker M&A Competition Law Personal Data Law Distribution Agreements Intellectual Property Law Transport Law & Flight Delays (EU Regulation 261) Denmark is becoming increasingly trendy abroad, and not just because of our films, designs, gastronomy, architecture, … Read More

Niels Løber

Employees Back to employees Niels Løber Attorney (L) and Partner +45 20 12 25 77 LinkedIn Niels Løber M&A Company Law (Establishment and Restructuring) Joint Ventures Corporate Compliance (Whistleblowing), Internal Investigations International Trade Trust is a keyword in the work of an attorney. Therefore, it is important that the matters our clients entrust us … Read More

Ricki Boye

Employees Back to employees Ricki Boye Attorney and Partner +45 51 99 90 16 LinkedIn Ricki Boye M&A Corporate Law Company Establishment & Restructuring Investment Deals Banking and Finance International Contracts My wife thinks I’m mad about biking. Personally, I just think I’m passionate about biking, the same way I am passionate about being … Read More