Cecilie Sletskov-Hjorth

Employees Back to employees Cecilie Sletskov-Hjorth Attorney and Partner +45 40 95 95 84 csh@bach.law     Cecilie Sletskov-Hjorth Hiring and dismissals Mass redundancies Mergers and acquisitions C-Suite terms Negotiation and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements Litigation I specialize in labour and employment law. I advise Danish and foreign companies on all employment law matters, including … Read More

Christian Frydenlund

Employees Back to employees Christian Frydenlund Attorney, partner, LL.M. +45 22 64 64 10 cfr@bach.law Christian Frydenlund IT-Law Intellectual Property Law Personal Data Law E-commerce, Marketing Practices and Consumer Protection Life Sciences & Healthcare Commercial contracts My insatiable curiosity is perhaps my most valuable asset. It is also the reason why I have chosen to … Read More

Morten Stausholm

Employees Back to employees Morten Stausholm Attorney (L) and Partner +45 53 55 35 57 ms@bach.law Morten Stausholm Real Estate Transactions Real Estate Project Development Construction Law Real Estate Tax Owners’ Associations & Homeowners’ Associations Commercial Tenancy Law & Tenancy Law Dispute Resolution Litigation and Arbitration Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law General legal assistance on Corporate … Read More

Torkil Høg

Employees Back to employees Torkil Høg Attorney and Partner, Ph.d. +45 20 20 10 98 th@bach.law Torkil Høg Procurement Law Competition Law Life Sciences Legal matters relating to the Travel Industry Complex Contracts Dispute Resolution My friends believe I’m crazy about biking and it’s true – I love it. My enthusiasm for biking is matched … Read More

Claes Illum Christensen

Employees Back to employees Claes Christensen Attorney (L) and Partner +45 20 13 77 11 cc@bach.law Claes Illum Christensen IT & Intellectual Property Law Employment Law Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Artists’ Rights – Film and Music I have held the black belt in karate since I was 17 but haven’t needed to rely on it … Read More

Niels Christian Døcker

Employees Back to employees Niels Christian Døcker Attorney (L) and Partner +45 27 10 04 02 ncd@bach.law Niels Christian Døcker M&A Competition Law Personal Data Law Distribution Agreements Intellectual Property Law Transport Law & Flight Delays (EU Regulation 261) Denmark is becoming increasingly trendy abroad, and not just because of our films, designs, gastronomy, architecture, … Read More

Niels Løber

Employees Back to employees Niels Løber Attorney (L) and Partner +45 20 12 25 77 nlo@bach.law Niels Løber M&A Company Law (Establishment and Restructuring) Joint Ventures Corporate Compliance (Whistleblowing), Internal Investigations International Trade Trust is a keyword in the work of an attorney. Therefore, it is important that the matters our clients entrust us with … Read More

Ricki Boye

Employees Back to employees Ricki Boye Attorney and Partner +45 51 99 90 16 rb@bach.law Ricki Boye M&A Corporate Law Company Establishment & Restructuring Investment Deals Banking and Finance International Contracts My wife thinks I’m mad about biking. Personally, I just think I’m passionate about biking, the same way I am passionate about being an … Read More