Venture Capital & Start-ups

BACH Law has great insight into and experience with venture and seed investments, including both direct investments and convertible debt as well as hybrids of these. Common to these investments is that they are often associated with high risk and considerable growth potential and they are typically made under special conditions. We understand the market and know what is takes to make venture and seed investments. Based on this knowledge, we can perform the job at hand efficiently by allocating the relevant competencies and deliver a cost-effective solution.

BACH Law has offered and will continue to offer advisory services to many start-ups, both on day-to-day legal issues and to a great extent also on the strategic considerations relating to the future funding. A high valuation or special ”investor-friendly” conditions such as anti-dilution, veto rights, exit preferences, and key man clauses may appear unproblematic in the short term, but in the long term, such measures may prove a significant hurdle in connection with future capital raising efforts.

In addition, we also often assist in the preparation of attractive incentive schemes in connection with venture investments as these are often a decisive parameter for attracting the required competences.

Our experts

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