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BACH Law is one of Denmark’s leading law firms when it comes to insights into the travel industry and the rules for air transport services, including passengers’ rights.

BACH Law is the preferred partner of several airline companies, and we handle their cases concerning airline passengers’ rights in connection with flight cancellations, delays, and other irregularities. This industry is subject to EU regulations, of which we have in-depth knowledge, just as we have extensive knowledge of the related practice of the European Court of Justice. We continuously handle cases, the number of which easily runs into four digits, on behalf of a range of airline companies. Many of these cases are settled in court.

In addition, BACH Law is the preferred partner of the travel industry, and we are the lawyers of choice of the Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators and several members of the association. We have in-depth knowledge of travel industry regulations, including the legislation on package tours and the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund. We regularly engage in legal proceedings on matters of principle for the industry, and we have, for example, represented the industry in a leading case against the Danish Consumer Ombudsman regarding the so-called “agent reservation”.

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