Torkil Høg

Attorney and Partner, Ph.d.
+45 20 20 10 98

Torkil Høg

  • Procurement Law
  • Competition Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Legal matters relating to the Travel Industry
  • Complex Contracts
  • Dispute Resolution

My friends believe I’m crazy about biking and it’s true – I love it. My enthusiasm for biking is matched only by my desire to make a difference to my clients, and it was making a difference as an advisor to the private business sector that inspired me to become an attorney. My clients can trust that I am available and working hard to promote their interests and resolve their cases. I’ve got you. You’re in safe hands.

I believe in strong personal relations –in my private life as well as my profession. The cooperation between client and attorney is strongest when a close relationship built on mutual trust has been established. That’s what we provide at BACH Law.

In my legal counselling, I deal in solutions. There are challenges, but no problems. And most challenges can be resolved. I resolve them through highly specialized legal counselling at the highest professional level. For several years, I have been one of very few top ranked Danish attorneys in international rankings within the field of public procurement law.

As an attorney, I’ve always worked with aspects of competition law. This applies to procurement law and public contracts, which in certain industries play a crucial role, e.g., for suppliers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It also applies to my legal counselling within competition law and to my work regarding regulatory affairs, such as the regulation of the travel industry. I pride myself on understanding my clients’ businesses and facilitate the resolution of the market related challenges they meet – also when these result in disputes or complaints cases.

Previously, I have been a partner for 10 years in one of Denmark’s largest law firms, where I’ve worked with both public and private clients. This has given me a professional and personal ballast and insight into the workings of both the private and public sector, including public procurement.

When I’m not working as an attorney, I spend time with my family – or on my bike, which I also bring with me when travelling, ideally to a place where there are mountains. The higher, the better – I’m not afraid of challenges, neither on a bike nor as an attorney.

If you’d like to learn more, you’re very welcome to call or e-mail me.

Before I came to BACH Law

2019:           Partner, BACH Law
2008-2018: Partner, LETT Law Firm (later DLA Piper)
2002-2008: Assistant Attorney and Attorney, LETT
2000-2002: Assistant Attorney, TDC
1997-2000: Head of Section, The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority


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