Ricki Boye

Attorney and Partner
+45 51 99 90 16

Ricki Boye

  • M&A
  • Corporate Law
  • Company Establishment & Restructuring
  • Investment Deals
  • Banking and Finance
  • International Contracts

My wife thinks I’m mad about biking. Personally, I just think I’m passionate about biking, the same way I am passionate about being an attorney. Why do things by half when it’s so much more satisfying to do them 100 %?

I became an attorney, because I enjoy working with people and making a difference as their trusted legal advisor. Apart from assessing my clients’ needs, I take pride in not making legal matters more complicated than they need to be. To me, the law is just a tool to solve a problem or a challenge.

I can provide legal advice on matters relating to corporate law as well as Danish and international business transfers – including mergers, joint ventures, MBI’s, MBO’s, and venture funding.

Additionally, I advise clients on succession planning, company establishment, funding, financing agreements, investment agreements, international contracts as well as the legal aspects of corporate restructuring.

Recently, I’ve advised clients on cross-border business transfers and mergers, cross-border relocation of business domiciles for both Danish and Swedish companies, mergers, funding (venture) as well as acquisition and divestment of assets and shares.

Apart from being an attorney, I am a board member or Chairman of the Board for several companies.

When I’m not working… you guessed it … I’m probably out biking, ideally in the French or Italian mountains.

You’re always welcome to call or e-mail me, if you’d like to learn more about the counsel I can provide.

Before I came to BACH Law

2014: Attorney and Partner, BACH Law
2010: Lett Law Firm (Corporate/M&A)
2007: Master of Laws (LL.M), University of Copenhagen
2004: Investment Adviser, Nordea Private Banking
1997: Certified Pension Adviser
1995: Trained as a bank clerk