Disputes, Litigation, Mediation & Crisis Management

BACH Law employs experienced litigation specialists who understand that clients often find legal proceedings lengthy and at times unpleasant. We can offer the support and confidence that every client needs during legal proceedings, thus minimising any inconvenience for the client as much as possible. We have seen – if not all – a great number of the Danish courts from the inside.

Quality contracts (not least terms of sale and delivery) offer strong protection against many types of commercial litigation, but nonetheless, most corporate clients will, from time to time, become involved in disputes.

BACH Law carries out legal proceedings and arbitration proceedings alike for both small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. We are uncompromising when offering our honest advice on the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in such proceedings. We will do everything we can to make sure that the adage that litigation has two losers (the clients because of the costs) and two winners (the lawyers because of the fees) will not be true for our clients. We have an eye for solving disputes at the lowest possible level of conflict.

Furthermore, we have considerable experience with offering advisory services on the derived consequences of disputes and commercial crisis situations, including how to handle the media and other external communication channels as well as issues relating to the authorities.

In addition to having extensive experience in litigation, BACH also has expertise in mediation. Mediation is an alternative to classic dispute resolution as it is a quick and direct way to resolve conflicts. The conflict is being resolved by dialogue, regardless there are two or more parties. The aim of mediation is to reach a solution that all parties are satisfied with, no matter how complex and extensive the matter may be.

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